At Lions Head Management, we understand the challenges you face as a property owner. With targeted marketing, cost optimization, tenant screening, and lease negotiations, we’ll help you attract the best renters and achieve long-term profitability. We handle every conversation with your best interests in mind.

Our services aren’t only effective, they’re efficient. We deliver monthly financial reports to you based on your specifications. Our rent analysis, referral service, and marketing – both online and off – bring in the most reliable tenants to minimize vacancies. The signing and move-in process is quick and easy. We also handle maintenance requests within 24 hours and are well-versed in federal housing laws and conflict resolution.

You can trust us to:

  • Process and deliver all financial information from monthly and yearly reports to budget statements
  • Screen tenants, draft leases, and conduct signing and move-in processes quickly
  • Respond to complaints and maintenance requests ASAP
  • Gain maximum exposure for your property via newspaper and web channels
  • Inform tenants of rent adjustments and other important updates

For top-notch residential property management, look no further. We have the experience, dedication, and resources to handle all your property’s marketing, management, financial, and legal needs. Call us at (213) 784-0223 for a free, no-obligation property consultation.