Since 2006, we’ve helped owners and tenants in the Los Angeles area achieve their goals. Our success comes from our passion, integrity, and versatility. As a residential division of Rosano Partners, we have over a century of combined experienced in the commercial side of real estate. Now, we’re bringing that level of experience and dedication to individuals and families like you.

Partnerships: We work with the most reliable maintenance professionals to ensure your property is clean and safe.

Maximized Profit: We analyze the market, streamline operations, and cut costs to grow your bottom line year after year.

Tenant Satisfaction: We give every tenant individualized attention to build long-term relationships and achieve high occupancy rates.

Reputation for Excellence: We’ve built countless relationships with businesses in the area, allowing us to acquire attractive insurance rates. We pass the savings on to you.

One-on-One Attention: With a team of professionals with various real estate specialties, we have just the right person to handle each project.

Crisis Management – While we strive for the best, we also have safeguards in place to manage emergencies and minimize financial loss.